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Should You Stop Eating Seafood To Help Protect The Oceans?

Should You Stop Eating Seafood To Help Protect The Oceans?

A seafood diet is often promoted as a healthy alternative to a diet containing red meat. And while the beef industry is one of the main causes and has a massive impact on how rapidly our oceans can cope with the rising levels of carbon and global warming trends, it is rarely to never discussed about how our desire for seafood is impacting an already struggling oceanic ecosystem.

Two of the main issues in eating seafood is that many fish are overfished and the fish farming methods used in some areas, farm in ways that harm other marine life or the environment.

And while there are many sustainable seafood options, vendors and restaurants will often hide the true source of their seafood. You might believe your salmon dinner was sustainably caught in New Zealand but in reality came from a Salmon farm in Chile, Norway or Scotland.

Just a little shift from eating less or no beef and less or no seafood to a more low meat & seafood diet can bring large relief to our oceans.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium put together a guide which can help you identify which seafood is sustainable and which to avoid. You can find it here.

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