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Forget JAWS...It's BAGS Killing The Oceans!

Forget JAWS...It's BAGS Killing The Oceans!

The average life a plastic bag from the grocery store...

12 minutes: average use of a plastic bag

500 years: time needed for a plastic bag to decompose, leaving residues in nature

1 trillion: plastic bags consumed worldwide each year

1 out of 200: plastic bags getting recycled. Throwing plastic bag into containers for recycling doesn’t mean problem is solved.

That equals 955 billion plastic bags end up each year in landfills and, eventually, in the ocean, where they will stay for the same amount of time passed since the United States was discovered.

Good news is, this is one of the easiest problems to tackle at its origin. Just stop using them! Get a reusable bag and give your self a MONTH WITHOUT PLASTIC BAGS CHALLENGE if you haven't done so yet. Start your fight!

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