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Charities & Groups Every Ocean, Beach & Water Lover Should Check Out

Charities & Groups Every Ocean, Beach & Water Lover Should Check Out

The ocean and beach bring together a community of people who fully immerse themselves in one of nature’s most brilliant environments - the ocean. Whether it’s a day of boating or a family day on the beach, being in the ocean is a treasured tradition.

The next time the waves have stopped pumping for the season or wind has been non-existent for several months, consider becoming involved in an ocean based charity. The charities below range from helping protect the ocean to helping disabled veterans learn to surf and everything in between.

Waves For Water


Mission: Get clean water to every person who needs it

Started by a former professional surfer, Wave For Water (W4W) is about getting to the front lines around the world and providing clean drinking water to those in need. In a unique approach, they have 75 programs around the world which you donate funds to. Some of the projects they have are in Sierra Leone, Peru and Haiti and with each project, you see how many people will be impacted by a fully funded program.

W4W uses couriers and travelers to get their filters on the ground in the places that are in need of clean drinking water. By using this model, they cut out bureaucracy and red tape making their program much more efficient and impactful.

Each W4W filters can provide 100 people clean drinking water for up to 5 years. Their system is very easy to use for those in need which makes W4W so impactful. You can also purchase one of their filters yourself if you live in a hurricane or flood prone area to ensure you and your family always have clean drinking water.

The next time you are on a global adventure to go surf, SUP or kitesurf some exotic place, you should consider becoming a W4W courier and taking some filters for them to make a positive impact during your vacation. You’ll be drinking clean water your whole trip, no reason you can’t make an impact at the same time.

Mauli Ola


Mission: Use surfing as a form of treatment for people with cystic fibrosis

Now celebrating their 10-year anniversary, Mauli Ola serves as a platform to educate those on genetic disorders. Their promotion of awareness and ability to increase research on these symptoms has been able to touch the lives of nearly 1,300 patients.

Best of all, the specialized foundation has recently expanded to reach out to hospitals and other health agencies that are involved with children with cancer. Additionally, Mauli Ola hosts events that use surfing as a form of treatment for people with cystic fibrosis.  Join the movement and donate for a cause at

Operation Amped


Mission: Share the “stoke” of the surfing community and the healing potential of surfing with seriously ill, injured, or disabled U.S. military veterans and their families.

Whether you agree with or disagree with some of recent wars that the United States have been involved in, our service men have sacrificed so much for us which allows us to continue all of our outdoor adventures. By donating to Operation Amped, you are sharing the welcoming and healing environment that surfing is to those that may be looking for this type of grounding community.

Donating to Operation Amped allows them to host different daily and multi-day events which bring together surf instructors and veterans to learn to surf and enjoy a great day on the beach.

The next time you’re wondering what to do with your old board and looking for a unique charity to donate to, definitely reach out to Operation Amped. They are out there making a positive impact on our communities.

Paddle Second Chance


Mission: Second Chance Paddle is a fundraiser event in Delaware for Operation Second Chance

Each year Second Chance Paddle hosts a SUP and kayak race with three distances at Holts Landing State Park in Millville, DE. Along the same lines of Operation Amped, Operation Second Chance is a grassroots non-profit organization comprised of passionate citizens dedicated to help injured war heroes transition back to active duty or civilian life. OSC’s purpose is pure of heart and is predominantly supported by volunteer workers.

Their audited overhead rating validates that 91% of the funds raised go directly to wounded veterans and their families. Since 2005, OSC has provided over $2,900,000 in support to our wounded heroes including veterans and their families in Sussex County Delaware.

If you are into racing SUP or kayaks, this looks like a great event you should attend as you know you are making a direct impact on someone's life doing a sport you love.

If you are unable to make it to their annual event, you can donate directly on their website and remember, 91% of donations directly to making an impact on injured war heroes.

Wounded Warrior Surf Foundation


Mission: To provide mental and physical well-being to all of our veterans and their families through surfing

This special surf foundation aims to provide mental and physical well-being to all of our veterans and their families through the beautiful sport of surfing. They offer lessons for beginners and look to ease post-service challenges such as Post Traumatic Stress, Survivor’s Guilt and Moral Injury. The WSF has provided their expert services to hundreds of veterans and active duty service members through a variety of surf camps.

Their highly effective outdoor therapy provides a natural alternative to harmful prescription medications. Additionally, their strong peer support encourages veterans with any issues they may experience following their service. Give back to our vets in one of the most soothing ways possible.

Save the Waves Coalition


Mission: To protect coastal ecosystems around the world

Save the Waves is a powerful non-profit organization that leads the charge in protecting coastal ecosystems around the world. It is one of the most environmentally hands-on charities in this niche and provides long-term conservation through community planning and building. Their team specializes in Surfonomics in an effort to help local communities make the right decisions to preserve their coast and wave value. Furthermore, Save the Waves Coalition makes it a point to take action through their campaigns and public education courses. If you truly care about preserving the world’s most precious surf zones or want to learn more about coastal value, be sure to check out their site.

Surfer’s Healing


Mission: To enrich the lives of the those with autism with surfing

Surfer’s Healing has a simple and clear cause: to enrich the lives of the those with autism. The charity was founded by two parents with an autistic child who realized that surfing was a way to sooth meltdowns and sensory overloads. Today, thousands are involved nationwide and can get participate in all events free of charge. The calming rhythm of the ocean provides a therapeutic treatment that offers a completely different sensation and environment for their participants. Help make miracles happen at

Best Day Foundation


Mission: To help children with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking and more

Best Day Foundation is a volunteer organization that helps children with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking and more. They have held over 191 events impacting over 6600 kids and as they say, created 1679027 smiles.

Their events are great because they get kids out onto the beach and into fresh air to play freely. We all love the beach so being able to get kids out to the beach to feel the fresh air and be positively encouraged to try something new is priceless.

You can both donate and volunteer. If you live close by one of their events, why not head to the beach and volunteer? The day starts at 8:00AM and runs till about 2:00 including take down and packing up. So you will still have time to grab an afternoon session and you’ll feel great because you’ll know that you spent the morning making an impact.

Blue Mission


Mission: To remove garbage and plastic from oceans and beaches

Blue Mission funds global beach cleanups and works with local communities to help them keep garbage and debris from entering the ocean in the first place. The sunscreen is reef-safe and comes in plastic free, tin container. 

Blue Mission Ocean & Beach Cleanups

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