Blue Mission


Each year an estimated 10 billion pounds of garbage and plastic end up in the oceans.
And each year, millions and millions of people use sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate which directly bleach and kill coral reefs.

One Mission

By 2020 our goal is to remove 1 million pounds of trash.

Reef-Safe Sunscreen with a mission

Face Block Sunscreen - SPF 30

An all natural, easy to use, very water-resistant sunscreen for the face. It is 100% reef safe and contains Zinc for UV sun protection. Face Block is made for all your active outdoor adventures.


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Our Goals

Remove 1 Million Pounds

Remove 1 Million Pounds of Garbage From Oceans & Waterways By 2020. 

Save Our Reefs

Push For The Removal Of Coral Killing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate In All Sunscreens. 

Long Term Solutions

Develop Methods To Reduce Ocean Pollution At The Source As 10 Rivers In The World Directly Contribute To 90% Of The Garbage In The Oceans

Enter To Win A Free Sunscreen

Enter to win a free sunscreen and we'll even remove a pound of garbage on your behalf.

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